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In White Plains, New York the homeowners and businesses who need top quality asphalt paving services choose the top White Plains asphalt contractor, Intercounty Paving Company. Intercounty is a family owned and operated business with over five decades of experience, knowledge, and dedication. We provide a wide range of asphalt services to meet the needs of our customers.

Intercounty Paving provides White Plains, New York with complete Parking Lot Maintenance Service:

  • Commercial Asphalt Paving
  • Parking lot paving
  • Parking lot repair
  • Asphalt Sealing
  • Parking lot sealcoating
  • crack sealing
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Line Striping
  • Core Testing
  • Decorative Oil and Stone Driveways
  • Water Drainage
  • And much more…

Intercounty Paving is the paving contractor that customers can count on for the best asphalt services.

White Plains, New York

White Plains, New York is just north of New York City. The population is nearly 57,866. It was ranked third in the Top 10 Places to Live in New York. The motto for the city is “Semper Fidelis”, and the nickname for the city is “The Birthplace of New York State.” In the early 17th century the city got its name due to the white balsam that covered the land. White Plains, New York is an exciting city that has something to see and do around every corner.

Intercounty paving does parking lot paving in White PlainsThe Outdoor Art Festival is an annual event in the city. The festival features artwork from local artists, a children’s art workshop, food vendors, and visitors are able to purchase one of a kind gifts and art pieces. The Outdoor Art Festival is held the first weekend in June. All proceeds are donated to the local High School where seniors can pursue art studies in college. The White Plain Juneteenth Freedom Day is an annual event that occurs in June. This is the tenth year for this event. This is one of the oldest celebration that observes the end of slavery in the country. The Juneteenth Freedom Day is held on June 13th. The parade starts at 11:00am on Main Street, then the festival where food, music, and a variety of vendors will be present.

The White Plains Farmer’s Market is open year-round. It is located in Downtown on Main Street. There are local fruits and vegetables sold along with unique gifts, crafts, home baked goods, and live music. The Farmer’s Market is every Saturday morning. Visitors that want to see the history of the city can visit the Jacob Purdy House, which was George Washington’s headquarters in 1778. The Armory is located at the Courthouse, and commemorates the first reading publicly of the Declaration of Independence.

White Plains, New York has history, modern arts, shopping, and much more. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities. The residents are welcoming and you will feel right at home when you visit White Plains.

Intercounty Paving Company is the asphalt company that White Plains, New York business owners and residents contact for all their asphalt needs. We have over fifty years of experience and knowledge in the asphalt industry. Contact Intercounty Paving today for a no-obligation consultation.

Our Recent Projects in the area

Recent Parking Lot Repair Job Fixes Cracking and Crumbling Asphalt

Recently, Intercounty Paving was contacted by a nursing home supervisor in White Plains. The nursing home supervisor explained that the parking area needed to have parking lot repairs done. After the bitter winter months the supervisor noticed that the parking lot had cracks and potholes, so he contacted the White Plains parking lot repair experts, which was Intercounty Paving.

Parking Lot requires Asphalt Repair from Intercounty PavingThe Intercounty Paving crew met with the supervisor and let him know after an inspection that we could do the repairs and have them done that day. The crew gave him an estimate that he was pleased with and told the crew to start the work. The crew cleaned the parking area to remove any debris or chemicals from the area, then starting patching the potholes, then sealing the cracks. Just as the crew said, the parking lot area was repaired and safe for those parking to visit their loved ones at the nursing home. One of the crew members let the customer know that the repairs were done so the customer came out to have a look for himself. He said the parking lot looks much better now and people can park safely. He said he was sure happy that he contacted the White Plains parking lot repair specialists Intercounty Paving, because not only did we get the job done quickly for him, but we gave him a price that was reasonable as well. The customer said that he would be contacted us in the near future to have sealcoating done and again thanked us for doing a great job.

Parking Lot Maintenance Helps a Local Store in White Plains

Intercounty Paving was contacted by a gardening store owner in White Plains. The store owner was walking through his parking lot the other day and noticed that the parking lot had several cracks, fading and the stripes were faded. He knew that he had to have these issues tended to as soon as possible so he called White Plains parking lot maintenance experts, which was Intercounty Paving.

Intercounty Paving Helps a local store with parking lot maintenanceThe Intercounty Paving crew arrived at the store to first give the owner an accurate bid. Our crew noticed the cracks that needed sealing and we recommended crack sealing, parking lot sealcoating, and striping, which is parking lot maintenance. The owner agreed to our bid, so our crew returned two days later to start the work that the parking lot desperately needed. The crew first cleaned the parking lot thoroughly to remove all the oil, gas, chemicals, and debris, then the crew filled all the cracks. Our crew applied the sealcoating, then returned the following day to do the striping. We finished the project ahead of schedule and right on the budget. The customer arrived at the location as our crew was getting ready to leave. The customer looked over the work that we performed and he said that the crew did a great job. He said he was happy that he called Intercounty Paving for the best parking lot maintenance in White Plains, because now his parking lot is transformed, looking great, and is safe for his customers.