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Residents in Yorktown, New York known the importance of having a quality driveway or parking lot. Residents and business owners always contact Intercounty Paving for quality Yorktown asphalt contractor services, because we have over fifty years of experience and knowledge in the asphalt industry. Intercounty Paving is a family-owned and operated paving contractor that provides local customers with a wide range of services to meet their needs.

Paving Contractor Services Offered in Yorktown, New York

Intercounty Paving provides complete asphalt services in. These services include:

  • Residential Asphalt Paving
  • Parking lot repair
  • Parking lot paving
  • crack sealing
  • asphalt repair
  • Commercial Asphalt Paving
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Parking lot sealcoating
  • Asphalt Sealing
  • Infrared Asphalt Repair
  • Line Striping
  • Decorative Oil and Stone Driveway
  • Water Drainage
  • Snow Removal
  • And much more…

Intercounty Paving is the asphalt service provider that residents can depend upon. We use the latest equipment and quality products, so our customers receive the best asphalt services available.

Yorktown, New York

Yorktown, New York is nearly forty miles from Manhattan. The population is 36,081. The earliest inhabitants include Mohegan, Mohansic, Osceola, Kitchawan, and Amawalk people. The town has a rich heritage, which attracts thousands of visitors to the city each year.

The First Presbyterian Church in town was originally built in 1739. The church was used as used as a meeting store house during the Revolutionary War. The British burned the church down in 1779 due to this. The church was rebuilt and is now located near Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. The Baptist Church was constructed in 1785. The church was rebuilt in 1848 and has been restored and is currently the Community Church of Yorktown. The church was listed as a Historic Landmark in 1976.

Yorktown parking lot paving work from last july - Intercounty Paving CompanyOutdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the Teatown Lake Reservation. The Teatown Lake Reservation has over 730 acres, 14 miles of hiking and walking trails, an education center, wildlife, and fishing available. Visitors can visit the reservation every day from 9:00am-5:00pm each day. Sparkle Lake is a great place to go swimming or fishing. There is an area designed for swimming where the banks are sandy and lifeguards are on duty. If you enjoy swimming or fishing, then Sparkle Lake is a wonderful place to go.

The Annual Holiday Electric Lights Parade is an annual event in town. This is the fifth year for the event and visitors can enjoy a parade through downtown, the lighting of the Christmas tree, meeting Frosty the Snowman, and caroling. The event is scheduled on December 5th at 4:00pm and the admission is free. Downtown is the heart of the city. Visitors can enjoy attending art galleries, antique shopping, shopping at specialty shops, and enjoying delicious meals. The businesses downtown are all owned by residents, so this would be a fantastic area to learn about the city, meet the residents, and have a good time. It is an exciting city that has plenty to offer.

Intercounty Paving is the asphalt service specialists that residents and businesses contact for the best asphalt services. We have over five decades of experience to provide our customers with the utmost highest quality of asphalt services. Contact Intercounty Paving today and schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

Our Most Recent Work

Yorktown Pavement Maintenance Work Done at Dealer Location

An auto dealership in Yorktown called us recently as they needed new paving outside of the maintenance bays that they just had built. They also wanted parking lot maintenance for their show space, because they of course knew the value of consistently maintained, clean, and smooth looking asphalt. We let them know that we are the parking lot paving specialist and we would send our experts out to do a no-cost consultation with them the following day. The auto dealership owner was glad that we could provide the consultation.

We arrived the next day at the Yorktown dealership. The owner was very friendly and was proud to show us the new maintenance bays that he just had installed. Our estimator looked over the current lot and gave the owner the estimate to have all the parking lot repair and maintenance work completed. The owner was pleased with the price and scheduled us to start on Monday morning.

Pavement Installation and Parking lot repairs begin

The crew arrived at the location on time and started installing the new asphalt paving at the maintenance bays. The next day the crew finished that area, then started the process of parking lot crack filling in the show lot along with parking lot patching a few potholes that had appeared. The customer also wanted sealcoating applied to an area that was re-paved in the last few years. The crew sealcoated the area the following day, then at the day’s end the crew was cleaning up to head home when the customer came over.

Parking lot sealcoating requested by business owner - Intercounty PavingThe customer just wanted to thank the crew for doing a fantastic job for his auto dealership. We were able to get the job done over a historically slow week for the dealership, which was the perfect time to have the work done. The weather cooperated as each day was sunny and without rain, which assisted us in being able to get the project done on time and ahead of schedule.

The customer said that he was very pleased with the work that we performed and he was impressed on how professional each crew member was. He said he noticed that the crew never left a mess and made sure to protect his landscaping as we worked. He said that Intercounty Paving was the best asphalt company in Yorktown for parking lot paving and maintenance. We are always pleased when any of our customers are happy with the work that we provide as we go that extra mile to please our customers.