About Intercounty Paving Company – The IPC Difference


What Makes Intercounty Paving Different?

1. We are the only paving contractor that has a small milling machine that mills the end of the driveway and all transition points down to the depth of the new pavement so there are no bumps, tripping hazards, or edges for snow plows to catch and rip out your new driveway or roadway.

2. You need a contractor that will address any soft areas in your sub base or existing driveway. You can not just pave over these areas. The surface course is only as good as what is underneath it. IPC will never pave over bad or insufficient sub base, we will address them prior to paving.

3. For over 60 years IPC has been 100% committed to your satisfaction. This family run business started by George and Mike Spano in 1955 has never strayed from its original integrity. That’s why we say “Paving with Pride since 1955”.

4. Protection: Knowing you can rest easy when dealing with a licensed and bonded home improvement contractor that is fully insured with the proper coverage. Don’t accept “their” word, ask for documentation.

Putnam County License #1416

Westchester County License #WC-03504-H91

5. IPC knows that the only three things that can undermine the structural integrity of your driveway are:

1. Water
2. Water
3. Water

If you need drainage work done prior to asphalt installation, we can handle all aspects, including catch basins, curtain drains, and leader drains, (always using schedule 35 pipes that is engineered to withstand commercial traffic loads). We also have experts who can help you with the most difficult drainage problems that you may encounter. We also will ensure your driveway is installed with the correct pitch for positive drainage. Some other companies don’t even address these issues and although you may have a new driveway when they are done, your problems have not been solved. IPC owns all of the necessary equipment to handle every aspect of your job. If there are ever any surprises, we are fully equipped to handle whatever comes our way.